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His early photographic expeditions were consumed with practicing and shooting England's beautiful countryside before traveling the world.

Dale has embraced a thirty-five-year-long exploration into the world of photography leading him to the discovery of and transition to digital imagery.

Dale has demonstrated a successful career as a professional photographer. He has submerged his thirty + years of experience in all the aspects of his trade by producing high quality commercial and creative images. His skills and experience second to none covering photography and video for events promotions and private client portfolios and for major corporations worldwide. He has also received high praise and acknowledgment for his creative collections. 

His friendly, reliable one-to-one service means that he works with you closely to interpret your brief

and ensure your objectives are met creatively and with individuality.

Look forward to meeting you soon.


A native of Gloucestershire, a rural community located in the southwest of England, embarked on his journey into the world of photography at a very early age. Dale spent many years experimenting with his father's still and cinematography equipment. Until a pivotal moment further solidified the direction and course of his life, receiving his first real camera for Christmas at the age of nine.

Dale Lloyd

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